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House levelling is the process of raising a house so that it is level with the ground. This is often done before restumping, as it can make restumping easier and more effective. House levelling can also be done after restumping to ensure that the property is level and stable.

The Restumping Melbourne team offers professional house levelling services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas and has been the trusted name for structural work because of our reliable service.

Personalised Services At A Competitive Price

The levelling of a house is a huge job, but Restumping Melbourne will make it as easy as possible for you. Our team can work on all types of properties, and if you’re planning home renovations, levelling your foundations is essential before beginning any work.

House Levelling Melbourne

Our house levelling specialists can level any kind of floor area no matter the extent to which it has subsided. Releveling your home can help prevent damage to a variety of other cosmetic and structural elements of your property. With our house levelling services, we can repair the areas of your home that have been damaged by foundation problems. 

Our home levelling experts can help if you observe the following signs.

  •     Cracks in walls
  •     Uneven walls
  •     Uneven floors
  •     Creaking floors
  •     Spongy floors

How Are Houses Leveled?

The processes in levelling a house vary depending on the foundation type. To restore the foundation to a level condition, each foundation type has many different methods of repair and correction. Methods are determined by the reason why the foundation needs to be repaired. Houses can be lifted, levelled, or stabilised using various techniques. Compaction or permeation grouting may be used for sinkholes or settling foundations, wall anchors or helical tiebacks may be used to straighten foundation walls, and carbon fibre repair may be used for bowing walls and foundation cracks. 

Therefore, the method used depends on the type of foundation and the type of problem the structure is experiencing. With Restumping Melbourne, we will accurately assess the situation and provide the most appropriate solution to ensure the end goal is achieved: a level foundation, back to when it was new.

For all your house or building foundation needs, contact Restumping Melbourne. Our team of licensed stumpers are fully insured and experienced and can provide a complete range of foundation repair services at competitive rates. We can provide tailor-fit solutions for your house or building to save you money. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Feel free to call or email us to get an estimate of your house or building foundation services needs.


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