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Are you noticing cracks on your walls? Are your doors or windows not closing as they should? Any of these signs may indicate that restumping is needed for your property.

Restumping Melbourne provides effective, professional reblocking or restumping and releveling solutions to restore your house or building to its proper shape. As a trusted provider of exceptional service, our clients turn to us for a wide range of services, including house levelling, reblocking, and subfloor and timber repairs for domestic and commercial projects.

We have years of experience in the building industry specialiZing in house foundations, a financially backed guarantee, and convenient service covering building permits, so you know that Restumping Melbourne is the right choice.

Restumping is a technical process, and we recognize that most homeowners may not know what it entails. With our team having the knowledge and experience in assessing the condition of concrete or wood stumps, you can expect that we will guide you through the entire process to choose the best option for your home or business.  

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About Us

Over the years, Restumping Melbourne has been helping homeowners, and business owners identify and remedy sub-floor problems, including reblocking (restumping), leveling, and underpinning strip foundations in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We are a family owned business, providing our customers with expert advice, solutions, and fair pricing. Restumping Melbourne uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure accurate, long-lasting solutions for your home foundation repairs.

With our extensive experience in restumping Melbourne homes and offices, we became the leading building company providing exceptional quality and results to our valued customers. We understand that your home is a significant investment, and we want to help you protect it. Our services can help you to keep your home in top condition. We provide complete solutions for restumping and reblocking, house levelling, and underpinning for projects of all sizes.

Restumping in Melbourne Services

Restumping commonly referred to as reblocking, is the process of resettling (or replacing) stumps on houses with stump subfloors. It is usually necessary to do this when the house stump has settled because of soil movement or if the stump has rotted from moisture in the soil. It is also recommended to restump a home that will undergo renovations or extensions because this will allow the foundation to handle the added weight and further strengthen the house’s structure.

Underpinning Melbourne Professional Services

Underpinning is the process of strengthening and stabilizing the foundation of a property. This process is beneficial for all types of building foundations. Underpinning refers to shifting the structural load to a soil that can support it. In underpinning, the piers are driven deep into the weak soil until they reach the load-bearing strata. Putting the building’s weight on strong soil prevents settlement and adds supplemental support to the foundation. Houses that are underpinned retain their value for longer.

House Raising Melbourne Professional Services

House raising is the process of lifting a house from its current foundation and placing it on a new one. This can be done for many reasons, such as to protect the house from flooding, to make room for a new addition, or to improve the view. House raising allows you to keep your home in its original location while making significant changes to the foundation.

House Leveling Melbourne Professional Services

House levelling is the process of lifting a home back to the right position. Once a house moves, levelling aims to get the house back to where it was before it began to move. All houses are built on a foundation. These foundations can sink, settle, crack, or shift over time. There are numerous reasons why this may happen. Issues with the soil, too much moisture, or a foundation that was not built correctly from the start are some of the more common causes.

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Why Choose Us


At Restumping Melbourne, we understand how important it is to find a company that has experience restumping homes and buildings in the area. Restumping Melbourne is backed by years of experience and expertise. Our purpose drives us to provide professional service with a team of restumping specialists equipped to assess the condition of existing concrete or wood stumps and give the right solutions with minimal disruption.

Competitive Pricing

Repairing your home's foundation is vital for safeguarding your important investment. Restumping Melbourne delivers comprehensive solutions from reliable advice, quality results, and a great price. With our quality reblocking service, choosing us is the best value for your money.

Registered building practitioner

We have full insurance and provide a warranty for our work for your peace of mind. We are specialists in domestic and commercial projects, offer a ten-year guarantee, and carry $10,000,000 in public liability insurance. Our goal is to provide quality advice, solutions, and efficient service to home renovators, builders, and design professionals. The knowledge and expertise Restumping Melbourne has gained from our successful projects make us the perfect choice to help with foundation repairs and services.

Exceptional Quality

Our team comprises qualified restumping experts to ensure quality work and professional results. We have the skills and training along with the best equipments, so you can only expect the best solutions for your foundations. Our quality work will reinforce your home's foundation to prolong your investment for many years to come.

Saves Time

We strive to have the least disruption and least effort from your end to give you the best customer experience. We will take care of the building permit and arrangements required by the Building Act 1993 - Building Permits, so this is one less thing for you to worry about. We start on time and work efficiently to ensure we make the most of your time.


We are the recognized leader in foundation repair with our proven system using the best materials for the situation. We are a registered builder part of the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Association, so you can rest assured that the work will be done accurately based on your specifications.

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We are ready to assist whenever you have a question, like a free quote or are interested in scheduling an assessment.


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